Why, Charlie Brown, Why?

Mondays are my long, long days — this is the day I get to spend 3 hours talking to students in small groups about cancer (they're young and invincible, so so far it hasn't been as depressing as I feared.) And they teach me stuff! Among the things I learned today is that there was a Peanuts special from the 1990s about cancer, titled "Why, Charlie Brown, Why". I was incredulous — it doesn't sound like the kind of thing I'd expect on Peanuts — but I looked it up, and there it was on YouTube. So I'll share. It's not bad.

The class is operating on a much higher level than this special — it doesn't mention oncogenes even once! — but the session today was a conversation about everyone's personal experiences with cancer, and yes, we did talk about television and movies and how they deal with the disease.

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