Mary's Monday Metazoan: I feel an urge to buy a pink suit

(via NatGeo)


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For a brief moment I thought this blog was nothing but pictures of sea creatures and I thought... How odd.

Also, I wish I'd found this blog back when your encode post was up to comment on. I went around ranting on a lot of those news stories a month or so ago that they seemed to completely miss the importance of their own work by focusing on the fact they'd just somehow finally "proved" that junk DNA doesn't exist, the medical doctor who was quoted as saying, " I don't think anyone saw this coming", and the fact they genuinely seemed amazed to discover that CREs are positioned next to genes when you look at Chromatin arrangement. Ignoring the fact this was largely a validation of theories and ideas that have been around for decades just sort of pissed me off. Especially since they started off every single article talking about how people "trout this was all junk"

If you're a Jimmy Buffet fan, you'd skip the suit and opt for a white sports coat to go with that pink crustacean.

By Roman Olynyk (not verified) on 14 Nov 2012 #permalink