Friday Cephalopod: Giddyup, my great pink steed!


Red octopus riding a human finger

(via the Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Dear PZ,

I had never heard of you before today but on coming across your name I quickly googled you and have subsequently discovered what a huge asshole you are. I thought I'd share this with you in the (vain, I know) hope that confronted with the way your statements and attitudes make you come across as an arrogant tool you might change your ways.

I guess I should note that when a person bases their entire belief and existence on a few axioms of science it is rather similar to an engineer who, despite moving into the semiconductor sector, remains an avid believer in the idea that a hammer is the only tool he needs and it should be exuberantly applied to every situation that he is confronted with, be it an engineering one, a social one, or simply how to open his front door in the morning.

Such is it with you. Your trust and belief in science as the 'be all and end all' (or "God" if you will) is clearly making you a very poor scientist. The extremely narrow areas in which science should be applied in life are something you seem to have no concept of. Instead you wave your hammer around like a man possessed, convinced this makes you appear intelligent and a role model. Nothing could be father from the truth.

When applied correctly science is a powerful and effective tool. But it remains only a tool. Understanding its limitations is as important as understanding its effectiveness, and in this you have failed and continue to fail. The sad consequence is that in your arrogance you are teaching others to fail in the same way. I pity your lack of comprehension in this, it is tragic to behold. You are like the spoiled 5yo who, convinced of his infallibility, strikes a self-important stance and loudly informs all the adults around that he is their superior, that they know nothing and he is the only one who can 'enlighten' them.

Such is the case with humanists. They talk loud, but those of who have real understanding laugh at them behind their backs. My advice to you, and all your ilk, is to learn some humility, drop the hypocrisy and abandon your ancient, outdated, infantile views.

I sincerely hope you listen, for no one’s sake but your own.
Good day to you.

By John Smith (not verified) on 16 Nov 2012 #permalink

That is the cutest cephalopod I ever did see! :)

By Ghost of Chopin (not verified) on 16 Nov 2012 #permalink

John Smith (it that IS your real name) is funny.

1) Starts with the subject "High enough above you to see clearly"

2) Follows that up with the accusation that PZ is "convinced of his infallibility, strikes a self-important stance and loudly informs all the adults around that he is their superior, that they know nothing and he is the only one who can ‘enlighten’ them."

Is anyone else's hypocrisy meter blowing up?

John Smith: your completely irrelevant whine is noted. If you wish to gripe about my nature or my existence, I have a thread where you can do that freely. Go there. Have fun. Be as rude as you want.

However, further attempts to derail discussions here into diatribes about my horrible attitude, my sacrilegious beliefs, or my personal hygiene (or any other such trivia) will get you banned.

Also, please use a real email address.

Man!! Look at that little guy! Sometimes life isn't about 'solving' problems, it's about appreciating the wonder of a creature like that.

By Kristopher (not verified) on 17 Nov 2012 #permalink

He's clearly this John Smith
That explains why he didn't have a valid email address.

Aw, that's incredibly cute.
I'm surprised it's not "clinging" to the finger, isn't it afraid of falling off? Or maybe it's such an experienced rider that it really doesn't feel the need to worry. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

As for John Smith: When your entire post about your supposed superiority is riddled with ad hominems, it fails miserably. Just thought I'd let you know. You won't convince anybody with an "argument" like that and - at best - get the people who already dislike PZ to agree with you. Congratulations.