Friday Cephalopod: Self portrait

It's the last day of classes, after a very long and agonizing semester, and this guy looks how I feel: stressed, with gnashy tentacles and a livid complexion. I feel for any students who come to my office with questions about the final — I'm straining to be nice and helpful, but what I really want to do is rampage through the ocean shredding everything I meet.

OK, deep breaths. Deeeeep breaths. I will get through this day. Just dream of Squidmas, all will be well.

(via Arkive)

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Just remember that tentacles are for hugging, not crushing!

I'm dreaming of a bite Squidmas
With every copepod in sight
May your photophores be merry and bright
And my all your Squidmases delight.

By Frog Counter (not verified) on 09 Dec 2012 #permalink