Friday Cephalopod: Happy Halloween!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is offering a selection of Halloween e-cards…and you can guess which one I'm sending to you!


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Have a Horrific Howling Halloween :-) Looking Through The Porthole......

I wanted to leave a comment about your awful and reactionary response to a home learner asking for resources two years ago. I suppose we all have our prejudices, but it would have been far better if you could have been respectful. I found it even a bit sexist of you...if a man had asked would you reaction have been different.

Yes, I suppose we have our awful prejudices, but it would be best if we examined them objectively. Consider spending some time with the home learning community or reading some of the academic work on the subject.

I visited 40 schools and read several books before I decided to home learn with my children. They are amazingly happy, have lots of friends. They have good knowledge of evolution and know a bit about relativity and even string theory. They couldn't do the math for those things, but could explain the concepts. They have an understanding of the periodic table and general chemical principals for the first few rows of it.

They have a good knowledge of cladistics, how it relates to evolution, and have learned binomial nomenclature. That's just science. I'd take up pages explaining what we know of other cultures, geography, Latin, and French. There are no public schools that can do this. There never will be, its impossible to get 30+ children to learn in the same way.

We aren't unusual. If you looked around you would get o know us. And the interesting thing is that my kids really love and understand what they have learned. Individualized learning...please read more about it. It could make education truly effective.