Evolution & cooperation

I'm still traveling! I'll be heading to the airport shortly to fly back to Minnesota, so until I get back you'll just have to listen to my talk at Gateway to Reason earlier this month.


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"You could have been in church today."

I guess that was a shout out to the atheists there. And I guess atheists were about the only ones in attendance.

I left the video after a minute or so. SOS.

By See Noevo (not verified) on 21 Aug 2015 #permalink

Hey "See Noevo", the talk is about how theories change and open-mindedness to different meanings of scientific theories and thought - and open-mindedness, as you clearly demonstrate (SOS), is fatally lacking in creationism.

By Bill Needle (not verified) on 23 Aug 2015 #permalink

To Bill Needle #2:

Well, just speaking for myself, I’ve been quite open-minded over my life.
For instance, I believed in evolution for about 30 years starting in my teens.
But then, over a dozen or so years ago, I began reading the evolution establishment’s own scientific literature.
And I did a 180!
Now I absolutely do NOT believe in evolution.

That’s pretty open-minded, don’t you think?

By See Noevo (not verified) on 23 Aug 2015 #permalink

" I’ve been quite open-minded over my life"

That has to be one of the largest lies you've ever told.

"But then, over a dozen or so years ago, I began reading the evolution establishment’s own scientific literature.

That ranks up there too - especially the part where you claim you actually read the literature. Your other posts repeatedly demonstrate you've done no such thing. You really don't have any qualms about how large a lie to tell do you?

Bill, just in case you think the comments about sn are a little too strong, you should be aware that not only does he say evolution is false without having read anything about it, but
- he says the same about modern cosmology
- believes in a literal reading of the bible
- has demonstrated himself to be a raging racist and bigot
- has stated that nobody should spend any time studying anything unless there is an immediate application for it (he seems to think he would be the arbiter of what an application would be).

Think of all the worst stereotypes of a fundamentalist from any religion rolled into one person, and you have sn.

See Noevo
I use to believe in invisible Gods, up to my late teens. But then I started studying science and reading the wacky claims of the religious. I did a 180. Now I absolutely don't believe in invisible Gods. That's pretty open-minded don't you think? I see the difference between us is that you are more impressed with superstition, ignorance, blind faith and the writings of sheep herders than I am. Not sure if that qualifies you as having an open mind, but whatever rocks your ark. By the way, origins of life research is alive and well. How’s that proof of God coming along?