Come for the science, flee from the claustrophobic horror

This video includes snippets showing exactly what it was like to crawl through those narrow tunnels to get at the Homo naledi fossil site.

No, thank you. Can we get one of those big subway tunnel excavators to the cave? It needs widening.


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You've heard of Homo naledi, the strange "human ancestor" (really, a cousin) found a while back in South Africa. There were many skeletal remains in a cave, in the kind of shape you'd expect if they had crawled into the cave and died there, not much disturbed. They look enough like other members…
I got up all bleary-eyed this morning, and before I got my first sip of coffee, the first thing I saw, blasted across Twitter and all the popular news sites, was the news that a new species of human, Homo naledi has been discovered in South Africa. They have the partial skeletons of 15 different…
The Intelligent Design Creationists are always getting annoyed at the third word in that label -- they're not creationists, they insist, but something completely different. They're scientists, they think. They're just scientists who favor a different explanation for the diversity of life on Earth…
The respected Finnish archaeology annual Fennoscandia Archaeologica has gone on-line! Every single paper from 1984 to 2007 is now available for free on the web site of the Archaeological Society of Finland. It's a great resource for scholars. For instance, the volume for 2007 includes seven largely…

I am involved in mineral exploration. When I first saw that folks were potholing it in I thought it was a worthwhile exercise in putting oneself in the mind set of the OP using that cave. My second thought was "No f***ing chance would I do that myself or allow an underground worker to do that. Just too freaky. I then looked to see what would be involved in droppping a rise into that place. Not much information. I then determined there was no way I would allow a JSA ( Job Safety Analysis) to go ahead involving such an expedition. Call me chicken I don't care. I have been involved in collapses and lived to tell. Just saying.

By Mark Bolton (not verified) on 15 Sep 2015 #permalink

I came to this blog for the debunking of various quacks, I stayed for the pictures and videos of various creatures.

Thanks for lighting a candle in the dark.

By Chris Judge (not verified) on 15 Sep 2015 #permalink

Just who are the "quacks", Chris Judge?

By Donald Duck (not verified) on 16 Sep 2015 #permalink