Any biologists looking for a job?

My university is hiring for a full-time, tenure-track biology position. Take a look at our job ad:

Duties/Responsibilities: Teaching undergraduate biology courses including cell biology, genetics, electives in the applicant’s areas of expertise, and other courses that support the biology program; advising undergraduates; conducting research that could involve undergraduates; and sharing in the governance and advancement of the biology program, the division, and the campus.

We're looking for a cell biologist who can also teach genetics…hey, hang on there. Those are the courses I teach! Are the other faculty conspiring to replace me?* It's a cunning plan they had, then, to put me on the search committee to find a new person to bump me off. They probably thought I'd never expect it if it was happening right under my nose.

Oh, well, I'll accept my fate gracefully. If you think you'd fit in at a liberal arts university where teaching is your primary responsibility, and you know your cell biology and genetics, apply! We'll be reviewing applicants starting on 10 November, and will be doing initial phone interviews in early December.

*Actually, it's more about flexibility. With a small department, everyone needs to be able to wear multiple hats, and I'm the only guy teaching genetics right now, and have been the only guy for over a decade. We like to have a backup for everything. So it's more like I'm a potential single point of failure.


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