Near the ground we call them land sharks:


My rocket buddy Erik and I have developed a knack for spotting a likely train wreck in the sky. There was a certain lack of craftsmanship in this Sonotube build that cued us to be ready with the camera:

Aerial Train Wreck

I just held the motor drive down for this one... Click...click...click... It does a hop over Black Rock in the first frame, and the O-size motor separates from the body in frame 14/15:
IMG_6736 IMG_6737IMG_6738 IMG_6739 IMG_6740 IMG_6741 IMG_6742 IMG_6743 IMG_6744 IMG_6745 IMG_6748 IMG_6749 IMG_6751 IMG_6752 IMG_6753 IMG_6754 IMG_6755 IMG_6760 IMG_6761 IMG_6762

And a couple close ups of this Twisted Firestarter:

IMG_6743 IMG_6752

Pop goes the motor.

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