Geek-eye View

As I prepare to hand off this photoblog to Cobalt123, I thought I would share my favorite non-rocket photos. Each clicks through to a story or geeky observation.

Last Thoughts
Last Thoughts

Magic Toes
Magic Toes

Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice

A Beautiful Computation
A Beautiful Computation
in the Wolfram sense


Diamond Age & Eyes
Diamond Age Hawkeye

and even some people
Barack Obama on the Primary Fusillade of Fun

Water Nymph


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By USA Science & Engineering Festival Nifty Fifty and X-STEM Speaker Dr. Jeff Goldstein Note: The launch of the CRS-5 is set for 6:20 am ET, January 6, on SpaceX-5 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, adjacent to Kennedy Space Center, Florida. I thought it would be important to put up a blog…
In the early days of the last US elections, Hillary Clinton's campaign was accused of deliberately darkening Barack Obama's skin in a TV ad. The implication was that by highlighting Obama's "blackness", Clinton's camp was trying to exploit negative associations that voters might have with darker…

"Magic toes" is cute. :)

By Liudvikas (not verified) on 26 Jun 2009 #permalink

WOW, what a send-off, Steve! Such a delight to see the range of your interests and work. Bravo!