Catch Up

Catching up with places I've been.


Steve Chu to be Caltech's commencement speaker. Caltech has found an upgraded mascot. I once wore the old mascot uniform when we were playing Life Bible college. Nothing like signs saying "Darwin was right!" to inflame some sporting events. Who was the person who decided to send out an email to alumni for a survey where the link led to an MIT web address? That's a good way to get a Techer's suspicions up (even the Boston version of the Techer might catch that.)


Berkeley physics now webcasts their physics colloquium. They also scored a big NIST grant to fund a high precision/quantum measurement lab. George Smoot was on Big Bang Theory.

Santa Fe Institute

Melanie Mitchell has a new book out: Complexity: A Guided Tour.


Budget mess.  The senate: 14 percent tuition increase, 23 percent budget decrease. The house:10 percent tuition increase, 30 percent budget decrease. Why does the house hate education so? UW TechTransfer kickin' butt and taking names, but the Life Science Discovery Fund is on the brink of disaster.

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This list is usually the very, very last of the best books lists of the year. It's a good list, but since it's UK-based there are a number of books that we probably won't be seeing on North American shores for another year or so. I'll probably get around to updating my 2009 summary list later…
SQuInT 2008. Quantum postdocs. Christianity as a laser. Toshiba opens lab with a quantum bent. SQuInT 2008, my favorite conference, has been announced and will be Feb 14-17 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Speakers include Eddie Farhi (MIT) Patrick Hayden (McGill University) Alex Kuzmich [unconfirmed…
Amazon has come out with their Editor's Picks for 2009. There are three categories that have books that are relevant to us here. Science The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science by Richard Holmes Remarkable Creatures: Epic Adventures in the Search…
The NRC rankings are out. Penn State Astronomy is ranked #3 - behind Princeton and Caltech. W00t! PSU doing the mostest with the leastest. The Data Based Assessment of Graduate Programs by the National Research Council, for 2010, is out, reporting on the 2005 state of the program. The full data…