Old School HP Calcs on iPhone

Via @calbucci, classic HP calculators on the iPhone.


Very old school geeky. HP 12c, HP 12c Platinum, and HP 15c.


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I got a 15C emulator from the App Store after reading about it in one of the comments on your earlier post about your Most Used iPhone Apps. The $20 price seemed absurd, but I had to have it because RPN ("reverse Polish") is my native tongue.

I am still using my HP21, no LCD but glimmering red lights

There are days when I miss my trusty 41C. Now that was an awesome calculator. Unfortunately, it was done in by leaky battery goo (my own fault).

My old HP is in perfect condition and is = models now on ebay for about 360 bucks. I suppose I could sell the calculator and get an iphone.

I sold my HP 16 programmer's calc, and am probably going to sell my HP41C since carrying more than one gadget around just does not work.

So, in the iPhone, I have:

PRG-16C, $19.99 by Thomas Fors, who also covered the 11C, 12C, AND 15C
i41CX+, $14.99 by AL Software, an amazingly complete emulation.

Neither are free, but both are well worth the money, and I have no regrets.

And on my Mac I have (Google these as typed here):

nonpareil-16C (free)
X-41 (free) by Greg Ewing

There are of course many others. All the above are based on microcode emulation of the chips used, and are running the actual ROMs from the real calculators. This is legally possible because HP did not include copyright statements in the ROMs, and they were issued before the copyright law was changed to cover that in the mid-80's. HP have been quite gracious about it, and have IIRC even contributed to the emulation projects for these older machines.

By Gray Gaffer (not verified) on 26 Jun 2009 #permalink

I take back my comment on HP's graciousness. May have been there once, but no longer. Apparently they have ordered nonpareil to cease distributing their free versions. Although these are still avaliable elsewhere on the Web - just Google "nonpareil-16C"

By Gray Gaffer (not verified) on 28 Jun 2009 #permalink

I need me some 48G action