Power Tool Races

This last weekend we made it out to artopia in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. One of the cool event at artopia was the power tool races. That's right, power tool's or other appliances propelling themselves down a long track! Here, for instance, is my favorite, the Piña Collider:


Won the race, finishing perfectly at the end of the track, where the owner popped open the blender and poured himself a nice Piña Colida (this shot taken by Mrs. Pontiff, who is much better at aiming her iPhone than I am.)

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oddly, in the early round they were mixing margaritas in it... I had one of the margaritas, mixed during the race, whilst sitting in the back of the judges truck...

I have to say I was very impressed it didn't fall over. the driver saved it just before the finish... at least in the race I saw... and drank...