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In part is a parody of to highlight Cornell University's unacceptable censorship policy. It is also an experiment to see what kind of scientific work is being excluded by the arXiv. But most of all it is a serious and permanent e-print archive for scientific work. Unlike tt [sic] is truly open to scientists from all walks of life.

Maybe I should submit one of my papers with all of the text reversed (yeah, yeah, it would still be incomprehensible.)

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Dave, you quoted "unacceptable censorship policy", do you agree or to what extent? I've heard of all that, I recommend not just blowing it off. They've got "kids" in there, we hear, who can't really distinguish good but odd looking work, but pass odd but not so good work, or etc.

By Neil B ⪠(not verified) on 16 Jul 2009 #permalink

Niel B: My personal opinion doesn't matter much, you know. If I say I think that all works should be allowed into the arxiv, then my colleagues will complain about letting cranks in the door. If I say I think that there should be a strong moderation policy, then those excluded will raise all hell. Hence I can, and will, blow it off, until one side convinces me that they have a winning hand. Neither side has done so, from my perspective.

Is it pure coincidence that the name of the new site looks a little bit like vi@Gr@ spam ?
(Of course the original name of the arxiv was a little bit misleading too...)