The French Running Diet

Buzzing on Scienceblogs right now is PalMDs ongoing attempt to get his BMI in shape. In honor, I shall post my latest attempt at getting in shape:


Kids and adults: don't try this at home!

How did I do it? Eat like a monk and run a lot.

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Wow dude, nice.

How do you define eating like a monk, and what do you consider a lot of running?

Awesome. My sincere congratulations. Not too many folks can do what you have done.

"Mr. President, zee technology required is easily within the means of even zee smallest [dieting] power. It requires only zee will to do so."

Wow Dave! Congratulations! That's pretty awesome...

By Mark Wilde (not verified) on 12 Aug 2009 #permalink

That is some pretty rapid weightloss! Are you hoping/planning on losing much more weight?

No sign of a horizontal asymptote yet ... How much "bread, wine, and cheese" and what kind? Also, would you mind providing "before" and "after" photos?

I don't find this kind of self-congratulation helpful. If you really have lost 40 pounds over the course of 75 days, you've been losing almost 4 pounds per week, far above the medically recommended rate of 1-2 pounds per week or even 1% of total body weight per week (for you, 2.45). Any weight loss beyond this can only result from a loss of water weight and muscle, not fat. Furthermore, a diet of bread, wine and cheese is nutritionally deficient. Any weight-loss plan should focus on long-term, healthy, sustainable eating patterns--at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if you rebounded to your original weight or higher once you decide to stop "eating like a monk." You seem to recognize this by warning your readers not to "try this at home," but why wouldn't you listen to your own advice?
If this post is sarcastic, my sincerest apologies for being so gullible--there are far too people getting recognition for "succeeding" on ill-conceived crash diets like this.

My bad: 2.35, obviously, not 2.45

I see a reverse correlation with the performance of the stock market.

Please let me know when you go off your diet so I can sell my portfolio.

So by Aug 23 2010, you will wink away into the vacuum?