ArXiv in the Cloud Coming?

Via the arXiv api newsgroup comes the rumor that soon, perhaps, the arXiv will be available for full download sometime in the future:

or a full copy of (or particular subsets of) PDF for arXiv papers, we are in the process of setting up a service in the Cloud, which will offer the option for bulk download. I'll let you know when that
becomes available.

Cool! All of physics since recorded arXiv time on my hard drive :)

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Why hasn't this been available as a torrent for years? Does that count as the "cloud."
Oh well, at least the archive will be buzzword-compliant.

I consulted my handy dictionary of cloud computing and a torrent is not cloud computing.

That said I think Larry Ellison is dead wrong about cloud computing and doesn't "get it", so I actually think that the real "cloud" is an important development (and the word is rapidly being used in a way that entirely misses the point.)

Not all of physics: there are still physicists who refuse to publish on the arXiv for ideological reasons (whatever they may be, I have never understood them).

By Pieter Kok (not verified) on 24 Oct 2009 #permalink

John & Dave: is the entire Arxiv collection truly available via BitTorrent? that would still use a non-HTTP protocol, but then at least someone could put it on a webserver ;)

An (outdated) versions of (some) of the arXiv was available a while back, but last I check I couldn't locate it (the webpage describing it is gone.)