Entering the Home Stretch....

I realize that blogging has been pretty slow here lately. But, I have good reasons, I promise! I spent most of the month of May back in the US for my girlfriend's graduation and then for a cross-country move/Great American Road Trip. Meredith graduated from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences on the 14th. Then, after the ensuing festivities, we packed up her truck and headed west to LA, where she's going to be working for the next year as a veterinary intern.

Now that I'm back in Oxford, though, I'm basically in 100% thesis completion mode. The fact that I may have possibly once upon a time told Meredith that I would definitely finish my degree before she finished hers might now be serving as additional motivation. Maybe. Regardless, between my thesis and the various papers I'm working on right now, the blogging will probably continue to be slow for a bit.

But, in the meantime, I have pictures!

Firstly, here I am with the newly-minted Dr. Meredith M. Clancy, DVM (I'm so proud!):


Here we are at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon:


Here is Meredith's truck, at the Hoover Dam, packed to the brim with all of her worldly belongings, which amazingly made it to California in one piece:


And, finally, here is Meredith on her brand-new scooter, which she bought to expedite her commute to and from work in LA traffic (and if you're in the LA area and looking to buy a scooter, I'd encourage you to check out NoHo Scooters, where we had a pretty positive experience when she purchased hers):


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You know, darling, I can't believe the Scientific Activist didn't even comment on how the motorscooter (or motor-driven cycle for those speaking California Legalese) gets 95mpg! So lovely, so efficient and so green.
Love the pictures.

By Meredith M. Clancy (not verified) on 02 Jun 2009 #permalink

Be careful on that Meredith! I'm not always the safest (as Nick can attest to) but a guy put me in the hospital for 3 days while I was riding around, keep your head on a swivel! The LA drivers are a little more crazy than the college kids around BCS. Congrats and gig 'em out in LA.

*I* can't believe the Scientific Activist didn't comment on seeing Nick and Meredith's most favorite Republican. :-)

By Joe Jewell (not verified) on 02 Jun 2009 #permalink

Congrats to her! Looks like a fun trip.

It's true--driving in Los Angeles is a bit like living in one of those racing video arcade games, except your car doesn't magically rebuild itself when you crash it the first two times. To allay many fears, I will not be on any kind of crazy busy roads and definitely no freeways. Los Angeles traffic is a sad and ironic situation for arguably one of the most seemingly "green" states.
And Joe, my favorite Republican is still Lincoln. Just sayin'.

By Meredith M. Clancy (not verified) on 05 Jun 2009 #permalink

I randomly found this webpage...I love the pictures and hope you are doing well Nick. By the way this is Kristina...Mere's cousin. Good luck with all in Oxford!