We are stardust. We Are Bacon.

Katherine passes along an amusing article about Bacon:

As America's bacon-frenzy illustrates, when culture, technology and economy allow mankind the option of unlimited bacon -- for bacon to fill every moment and aspect of its life -- Mankind will hit the "Bacon Me" button like an unhinged mandrill. In David Lynch's Dune, when Kyle gnomically insisted: "The spice is the worm! The worm is the spice!" we can see, now, that both worm and spice were, in fact, bacon. Bacon is the Dark Matter that holds together the Universe. Richard Bacon has just taken over from Simon Mayo on BBC 5 Live*. We are stardust. We are bacon.

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Sure, bacon is like dark matter since both are "forbidden" stuffs in some sense, or maybe because DM allows the universe to run like a well-"greased" machine. Anyone know what DM is? In any case, "bacon" has a FB page: http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Bacon/43455991284?ref=nf.
BTW Dave, I see some Dave Bacons on FB but don't know if any are you - if so, could you give a hint, for loyal readers? tx

So, uhh, how are you sleeping?