It is an indisputable axiom that everything tastes better with bacon. Well, almost everything. As much as I love bacon, whenever I watch one of those cooking competition shows on the Food Network, like Iron Chef America, in which the secret ingredient is bacon, I can't figure out how putting bacon in ice cream works. OK, so maybe it's almost an axiom. There are a few exceptions. But the fact remains that the vast majority of foods do taste better with some bacon. Of course, the problem with bacon is that it's widely accepted that it's not particularly good for you. Because it is a processed…
Oh, damn, I missed Bacon Camp. Well I'll just have to go camping myself :) Also: Colored Bacon and Bacon cupcakes.
Bacon has been overflowing my inbox. Some bits... Hahaha: Email and Bacon. Also: Kosher Fail. Bringing home the bacon. I bring it home every night. Your own Bacon Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers. Someone who cares (enough to harden you arteries.) Then of course there is the double down. Always when you've got hard 11 unless the dealer is showing an ace. Some food "ideas": Smoked Bacon Wrapped Bacon and Bacon Egg Loaf. Bacon with a side of bacon, please.
A bunch of you sent me Like my father used to say when we'd cook Bacon: "Check your toes!" Also, someone is bacon salt. I tried it on popcorn and I have to say that I wasn't hooked. But then again I like "Spike" on my popcorn. And, on a not so safe for work bacon note (NUDITY IMPLIED?) Bacon Bra. Finally here is what April fools day looked like for our household: Now what can I think to do with a giant six foot Sonic? Hmm...
Scienceblogs and Serious Eats are teaming up this year for the 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off. I wonder if Mrs. Pontiff is up to defending her crown?
And here I thought I was the king (err Pontiff) of quantum Bacon, but no: follow @kenfagerdotcom on twitter who describes himself as "Inventor of Quantum Bacon and accomplished lover."
Jorge and Mark send along some Bacon news: NSFW: Effects of Bacon on Male Performance. Nuff said. Bacon and Egg Sandwiches are the best. Ruminations Bacon deserts. Mmm bacon toffee truffles.
An entire world made of bacon and cold cuts (thanks Jorge) "Mmm ... unexplained bacon"
The Shorty Awards have a category called "bacon." Your vote for @dabacon will, I promise, result in a great increase in your pork-based karma. And voting doesn't even clog your arteries!
Jorge sends along an almost timely piece:The traditional English breakfast is not normally associated with good health. But scientists have found that eating a plate of bacon and eggs could help pregnant women boost the intelligence of their unborn child. Women are usually given a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy and it is well documented that a pregnant woman's diet can affect her unborn baby. Scientists have found that eating a plate of bacon and eggs could help pregnant women boost the intelligence of their unborn child Does baby Bacon get the benefits by just being a Bacon? (When…
Katherine passes along an amusing article about Bacon:As America's bacon-frenzy illustrates, when culture, technology and economy allow mankind the option of unlimited bacon -- for bacon to fill every moment and aspect of its life -- Mankind will hit the "Bacon Me" button like an unhinged mandrill. In David Lynch's Dune, when Kyle gnomically insisted: "The spice is the worm! The worm is the spice!" we can see, now, that both worm and spice were, in fact, bacon. Bacon is the Dark Matter that holds together the Universe. Richard Bacon has just taken over from Simon Mayo on BBC 5 Live*. We are…
Bacon or Beer Can? Merry Chistmas Eve!
Yep, Bacon Christmas tree ornaments at etsy. Better not show this one to the Mrs. Pontiff.
One must wait until the end of the video, and no, that is not me:
Too often in life I am sending out a check to some charitable organization, or to resubscribe to Bacon magazine, and I think "damn this would be a lot better with Bacon." And now via the honest one, I find out that there is a solution to this vexing problem: Bacon flavored envelopes! From the "learn more" section of the webstie:Technology has given us a lot lately. The car. TV. X-rays. The refrigerator. The Internet. Heck, we even cured polio. But what have our envelopes tasted like for the last 4,000 years? Armpit, that's what. Really, people? If we can't overcome this kind of minor…
Spotted on the pick your own religion chart. Also: Bacon Jam!
Jorge sends along the answer...Obese skunk put on vegetarian diet to battle bacon addiction.Mr. Bumble the skunk loves his bacon sandwiches, but his new owners have put him on a vegetarian diet to help shed the extra weight they've added to his frame.
Trip to Zurich for 8th Symposium on Topological Quantum Computing, Zurich 29th-31st August 2009. Thursday 8/27 - 7:30am SEA to 3:30pm IAD, 6:00pm IAD to 8:00am ZRH. Attempt to upgrade first leg failed which is too bad as it was the international version of the 767-300 which has a pretty nice (by American carrier standards) business class. Both flights are completely full. Am I the only one who often goes to the self check kiosks by the gates and attempts to move my seat to one beside an empty seat? Sleep approximately 2 hours. Why does the lady behind me think that it is okay to start a…
You've got to love a country where a Caesar salad includes a big helping of Bacon: All hail Caesar Bacon!