American Sports Round-Up

A busy sporting weekend for Chateau Steelypips:

First, there were two NFL wild card games on Saturday, as a sort of appetizer for the real action on Sunday. The Colts borrowed a defense from somewhere, and despite Peyton Manning deciding to play like his little brother for the first half or so, Indianapolis moved on in convincing fashion. I liked Manning's offer to do Ty Law's Hall of Fame induction, after lobbing another two easy picks in his direction.

Then there was the ignominious Cowboys loss, about which all I can say is: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! And, really, that's all I can say, because I went to bed at the end of the third quarter and didn't see the wild ending live.

Sunday brought two NFL games involving teams we care about, both rubber matches between division rivals who split their season series. First up, Kate's Patriots faced the Jets again, and won fairly handily. I didn't see much of this, as I was upstairs working on stuff related to my day job, but it sounds like they did well.

And then, my Giants had a rematch with the Eagles. The less said about the first quarter the better (four three-and-outs at midfield!), but they at least made a respectable showing. Given how beat up this team was, it's a miracle they did that. And Tiki Barber had a good game (though why they didn't give him the ball even more is beyond me-- they made their comeback when they started running the ball a lot), if it is his last.

And then, in the nightcap, Syracuse played their first game outside the state of New York, beating Marquette in a game that was closer than the final score. I only saw the final eight minutes or so (I didn't realize it was on), but this was an epic display of bad free throw shooting-- Syracuse's 21-35 (60%) was bested by Marquette's 6-15. That's 40% for those too lazy to do math, or "really freakin' bad." Yeesh.

That makes us 3-2 on the weekend (Cowboys lose, Pats win, Orange win), which is good enough to make the playoffs in the NFC. Next weekend won't be quite as busy, but the games will be tougher.

And in non-Steelypips related sports news, Caltech won a game.

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Too bad you missed the end of Seahawks/Cowboys. It really was the best game of the weekend, even though both the Hawks and the Boys both tried their hardest to lose it. I just wish the Glenn fumble / Tatupu toss / Boulware recovery had stood up for a touchdown. If it had, it would have rivaled some of the 1970s Herrera fake field goals as the wildest play in Seahawks history.

I liked Manning's offer to do Ty Law's Hall of Fame induction, after lobbing another two easy picks in his direction.

Don't blame Manning for those interceptions, blame Marvin Harrison.