Open Pimping Thread

I get a fair number of emails from people who have blogs or other web stuff that they would like to advertise. I do look at most of the links I get sent, but I end up posting very few of them. Not because I dislike what I see, but because I just don't have the time or energy to thoroughly research the links. I don't want to inadvertently endorse any kooks or cranks by linking to them (and I get a good number of those, too), and I tend to err very much on the side of caution.

Which means that a fair number of worthy or interesting sites go un-linked. To give you an example of the sorts of things I get, here are two that arrived this week:

  • A debate about energy from spiked. Most of the participants are affiliated with institutions in the UK, and I'm sure that would be very informative if I were British. As it is, all I can say is that there are some interesting articles there.
  •, a site which is devoted to providing employment and education information, with sample resumes, job-seeking tips, and the like. I've only skimmed the site, but the advice they give looks fairly reasonable at a quick glance, though as a career academic, I really don't know from business jobs.

Anyway, I do feel a little bad about blowing off so many earnest attempts to gain more recognition, so I'll steal an idea from Senor BaconCat, and declare an Open Pimping Thread. If you've got a website, book, album, or other work that you'd like to promote (your own or others'), leave a link in the comments. It doesn't have to have anything to do with physics, or even science-- if you've got something to promote, here's the thread to do it.


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My web domain

now 12 years old gets over 15,000,000 hits per year. There is a little Physics in it, scattered through the sections (click from home page): "Space" and "Timeline" and "Nonfiction."

My LiveJournal blog,

gets much MUCH smaller traffic, but has more on Math and Science, in a quirky way. I'd love to see you and your clever readerrs dropping by there now and then. It would force me to post new stuff, and further stall my professorship job search, which is driving me crazy.

Also, google on "Greatest Nerd of All Times" -- it's a pretty good Digg about me by someone else with way too much time on his hands.…

I'm intrigued by the blogs linking to it, which assert that I must be a hoax, and/or a 55-year-old virgin. The former is fun, and I'd rather not disabuse them of the notion. The latter is silly, given that the digg page links to a photo of my very attractive Physics professor wife.

Great idea! I recently started up my own blog (partly inspired by ones like yours that I've been reading for a while) to provide another perspective that I haven't found. Here's the link and here's the 'official' description:

This is the blog of an undergraduate physics student at the University of Pennsylvania who happens to like thinking about academia, science, physics (in particular, condensed matter or solid-state physics), nanoscience and nanotechnology, or just chronicling his passion for film, food, and life in Philadelphia.

Thanks - I've really enjoyed your blog (particularly the quantum optics stuff and the lab stories).

I also am an undergraduate student. I study physics and philosophy at one of those small new england liberal arts colleges-Bates College. Inspired by seed magazine, I have just started to write some of my thoughts about science and culture down in hopes of improving my science communication skills.

Jack Murphy

Sure: When you were taught QM, you were told that density matrices were convenient mathematical objects (made from spinors) that allow you to conveniently make statistical mechanical calculations. What they didn't tell you was that there is another formalism, far more elegant and powerful, that gives the density matrices as fundamental and the spinors as the derived objects.

One of my new year's resolutions was to post my blog more often. By advertising here I guess I can force myself.
My blog didn't have much physics so far, but I plan to put more physics stuff this year. Don't expect complete form as in Cliff's, Sean's or this blog. I don't know what I am doing that much yet. My blog will rather ends like... "Now, I am confused." or "So far so good, but I don't understand anything from here..."

And I'd post comments if it weren't for that ridiculously annoying registration system.

By Aaron Bergman (not verified) on 12 Jan 2007 #permalink

I'm thinking about turning the registration system off, but I'm worried about spam. Spam completely destroyed trackbacks, so we had to deactivate them. I don't see why comments would be any different, though most of the physics blogs don't seem to have any problem.