New Developments in Science Blogging

Two exciting new developments in the Seed-o-sphere:

1) Rob Knop's Galactic Interactions has joined ScienceBlogs. It's nice to have another physical science type around here, along with all these damn biologists. If you're so inclined, go say "hi."

2) The Powers That Be have also unveiled a new RSS feed option: Scienceblogs Select, through Feedburner. This is a feed containing posts chosen by the individual bloggers as our best stuff. If you find the full combined feed too intimidating, this is a way to get a look at the very best things that are being posted, all across the site.

We've had this as a back-channel feed for a while now, so I can attest that it's a good collection of stuff, spanning the full range of sciencebloggery. Now you, too, can see what we think is the best stuff that we do...


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