How To Read ScienceBlogs

ScienceBlogs is, without question, the largest online conversation about science. We have 71 blogs, almost 70,000 posts and 850,000 comments. How does one reader keep up?!

One of the easiest ways is to subscribe to the ScienceBlogs Weekly Recap, a fun email newsletter that summarizes the previous week's happenings.

Find out more ways to read—with and without RSS feeds—below the fold.

If RSS feeds aren't your thing, then I'd suggest starting on the ScienceBlogs homepage and checking out: the Buzz (the topic that's featured at the very top of the page); and a bit further down the page, the "Top 5" lists. The "Most Active" list gives the most popular posts, traffic-wise, which tend to be newsworthy. The "Readers' Picks" list shows what some selected readers like best on the site.

If you're just interested in the latest posts published on the network, click on the "Last 24 Hours" button on the top left of the homepage.

If you'd like to focus on specific scientific subfields, then click on the appropriate "channel" buttons listed along the left side of the homepage.

If you're hip to the RSS mania, then it's even easier to keep up with Sb content. Our site has several different feeds:

Sb Combined Feed
Have a few hours to kill? This feed gives you every single post written on the Sb network, which averages to at least 100 per day.

Sb Select Feed
These are posts that the bloggers have chosen as their very best. They're usually meaty posts, with news analysis or interesting commentary, rather than LOL photos or links to other sites.

Sb News Feed
These are posts that the bloggers have designated as having a "newsy" tone. This feed is much less populated than the others, but if you're not into ranting and raving, this is the one for you.

Channel Feeds
Each of our channels has its own feed, which are all listed here.

Happy reading!


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A second vote for the 24h feed.

By Lassi Hippeläinen (not verified) on 17 Jun 2008 #permalink

The Combined Feed is basically the 24-hour feed. It gives all of the posts on the network, with the newest ones on top.