Penguin suit

I'm off to Denver for a long weekend; two friends of mine are getting married (both PhD scientists, and exemplars of the two-body problem: one's doing a postdoc at Princeton, the other at MIT...) I get to wear a tux, which is nice, because no one looks bad in a tux. In fact, a tux makes all guys looks hot. I wish I owned one myself, or more properly, got invited to more events that would make owning one even remotely sensible.

I have a couple half-days to kill while I'm there...any recommendations for things to do in Denver when you're there?

Fiction for the plane: (I'm bringing some papers to read, too, and some paper and pen for an outline I need to make, but the best laid plans...)

Taltos, by Steven Brust. I'm rereading his Vlad books. I remember this one being one of my favorites, so I'm looking forward to it.

Rubicon Beach, by Steve Erickson. A kind-of obscure guy, recommended to me. We'll see how it goes.


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That would be black tie in cashmere wool (first suggested by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1828; designed by Pierre Lorillardo; reduced to practice in 1886 by his son Griswold and confrers, as in 41°12â²5â³N, 74°12â²6â³W). Somebody who would wear a tuxedo as such would also ride in a limousine rather than call for the car.

The tasteless look bad in a tux.

The only part of Denver I have ever spent significant amounts of time in is the airport (don't ask).

I do recommend rereading Brust's Taltos series, it holds up pretty well. He is writing a new one, it just got back the editor (I know this from the man's livejournal).

By Brad Holden (not verified) on 24 Aug 2007 #permalink

If your looking for things to do work-related, you can drive 30 miles to visit JILA. If your looking for something play related, you can drive 35 miles and be in the mountains. Choose the mountains.