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Since I have control over this blog for a little while (and where is my co-guest blogger anyways?), I figure I ought to use it in my own self-interest. Towards that end, the Austin City Limits music festival is coming up soon, and, as usual, I only recognize a small portion of the bands playing. What should I go see? The lineup is here, and the schedule is here, here and here.

Right now I'm leaning twoards penciling in The Killers in the vain hope that they can pull off a decent live show, The Ike Reilly Assassination, Andrew Bird, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Arcade Fire, Regina Spektor, The Decemberists and Bob Dylan. That leaves lots of time for new music, and I turn to you, o internets, for guidance.

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Maybe the precious time of a brilliant string genius would be better spent, instead of attending concerts, in trying to come up with some ideas that connect 'string theory' speculations to, uh, some kind of real world physics? ;-)

I recommend the Heartless Bastards and Blonde Redhead. And, really, you can't go to an indie-ish festival without seeing Yo La Tengo.

I would definitely stick with Arcade Fire and Regina Spektor. I love the Decemberists, too, but they're starting up while Wilco is still playing, which may be a hard decision...

Going with your stated tastes, I would recommend you seeing either Midlake or DeVotchKa on Sunday. They're scheduled at the same time, so you have to choose. Although DeVotchKa does feature a lot of rockin' tuba!

If you want something a little different, I would recommend Asleep at the Wheel (Friday afternoon) for some good old fashioned western swing. Raul Malo (Saturday afternoon) is a good singer in the Roy Orbison style, but I don't know if he sings any of his songs from when he was in the Mavericks.

Since you like the Killers, on Friday you may want to look into Louis XIV or the Kaiser Chiefs for some straight ahead indie rock. Spoon plays at the same time as Louis XIV, and Spoon has a lot of indie cred and all, but I cannot take listening to them for too long.

Finally, I don't know if you have a family or not, but the Jelly Dots and the Sippy Cups are two really rocking children's music band. I'm sure the audience will be full of parents and their toddlers, but the music is really fun!

I do like Rodrigo y Gabriela. They do acoustic guitar and borrow from a lot of styles. After I first heard Diablo Rojo, I wondered how their guitars survived without catching on fire.

My brother-in-law likes Cold War Kids. To me, they are akin to the Decemberists. (I think that both bands are only ok, but who cares, I am not going. And I have both on my iPod)

By Brad Holden (not verified) on 29 Aug 2007 #permalink