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Well, I'm back in Texas and just in time for Steve Jobs to introduce new toys I can't afford. At the risk of turning Chad's blog into an Apple advertisement, every time I pass an Apple store, it takes significant willpower to not walk out of there with a new iPhone. I find it endlessly amusing to load up my papers on the demo models -- yes, I am easily amused. A certain theorist was showing his off at Aspen, too. Well, you don't want a phone with your iPod? You can now get an iPod touch, WiFi included. 8 and 16 gigs. iPod Nano? Smaller with really tiny video. Old school iPods? 160 gigs now. And if you did happen to spend 600 bucks on your iPhone, sucks to be you. 400 now.

It's getting a lot harder to convince myself to wait for iPhone 2.0.

Here's coverage from ArsTechnica and MacWorld.

Update: And the Apple website has now been updated, too.

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$300 for an Apple PDA pretending to be an mp3 player? Oh hell yes. And none of this phone nonsense, or exorbitant AT&T fees.

What I'd be curious to do is to try to use this thing as some kind of performance instrument. Just slap a touch-enabled port of PureData on there or something and plug the headphone out into a speaker and you're good to go...

It will be a long time before I buy another Apple product. I went to the local Apple store to buy an ipod, because I thought I'd get higher quality support from the manufacturer's store.

When the unit wouldn't charge, I tried to exchange it, but the store refused. They said I either had to make an appointment the next day for the Genius Bar or return it for a restocking fee. My observation that Best Buy would just have exchanged the unit was met with "But they don't have a Genius Bar". After a heated discussion with the sales clerk and the manager, I accepted the restocking fee and told them I hoped never to own an Apple product.

After complaining on their website, I got a refund for the restocking fee. I bought a similar unit from a competitor for half the price. I suppose Apple products are well-designed, but they sure are arrogant.

By Nathan Parker (not verified) on 05 Sep 2007 #permalink

How do you use the touchscreen if it's in your pocket? The lack of tactile feedback is a killer here. I like me some 160GB aluminum-clad classic, though.

The iPod Touch has some great features, but 16 GB? For anyone with a higher capacity iPod, you are going to spend a lot of money for something that can only hold a fraction of your current library...I guess it will depend on the person and how much value they put on the new features versus being able to have a substantial amount of video/music.