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You may or may not have noticed the absence of the "Links for [Date]" posts the last couple of days. There's been some sort of glitch at, and they didn't auto-post the way they usually do. You may or may not have missed them, but I do, so below the fold you'll find the big long list of stuff that would've posted, had things worked as usual (many thanks to Kate for cleaning up the HTML from the source)):

  • Physics
    and Physicists: Accelerator in a Bowl
    A nifty tabletop demonstration of a
    particle accelerator, using a ping-pong ball and a salad bowl.
    (tags: href="">physics href="">education href="">science href="">video href="">youtube)
  • symmetry breaking
    Because you can never have too many
    particle physics blogs. Apparently.
    (tags: href="">physics href="">blogs href="">science)
  • Putting a
    new spin on nanotubes -
    "The experiments show that carbon
    nanotubes (CNTs) are unlikely to be any good at transporting
    spin-polarized electrons over distances large enough to make them
    useful in "spintronic devices", which exploit both the charge and the
    spin of electrons. "
    (tags: href="">physics href="">materials href="">nano href="">science href="">experiment href="">news)
  • Sweet,
    'South Park' is free online - The Boston Globe
    "New episodes of "South Park" will
    appear on the Web soon after airing on Comedy Central and will remain
    there for a week. After 30 days, the shows will return to the site
    permanently, the company said."
    (tags: href="">video href="">television href="">silly)
  • xkcd - A webcomic of romance,
    sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
    What's really going on in Geneva...
    (tags: href="">comics href="">physics href="">science href="">silly href="">experiment)
  • "Cruel
    and Usual Punishment: One man with more courage than brains sacrifices
    himself on the altar of punditry, and, in so doing, fails to redeem us
    all" By Gene Weingarten
    "Doesn't the world need one individual
    with the courage and audacity to expose himself to it all -- punditry
    in newspapers, punditry on TV, punditry on the radio, punditry on the
    Web -- for 24 hours straight?"
    (tags: href="">blogs href="">journalism href="">television href="">stupid href="">politics href="">US href="">news href="">society)
  • Short
    Light. -- Physics News Update 859
    "Each of these photons was (in units
    of time) about 65 femtoseconds (65 x 10^-15 sec) long. In units of
    space, they were about 20 microns long."
    (tags: href="">physics href="">quantum href="">optics href="">experiment)
  • Backreaction:
    10 effects you should have heard of
    The essential named Effects in physics.
    (tags: href="">physics href="">science href="">theory href="">experiment href="">astronomy)
  • Spirit,
    seen from space - The Planetary Society Blog | The Planetary
    Including a nifty animation.
    (tags: href="">pictures href="">science href="">space href="">planets href="">astronomy)
  • US LHC Blog »
    Talkin’ Black Hole Blues
    Three distinct types of "black holes"
    that might turn up in accelerator experiments.
    (tags: href="">physics href="">science href="">theory href="">experiment)
  • Arthur
    C. Clarke - Science Fiction - A Boy's Life, Guided by the Voice of
    Cosmic Wonder - New York Times
    An appreciation, by Dennis Overbye.
    (tags: href="">SF href="">books href="">movies href="">society href="">culture href="">literature href="">science)
  • The
    Quantum Pontiff : Shor Calculations (Quantum Wonkish)
    His Holiness corrects some
    misconceptions about quantum factorization
    (tags: href="">physics href="">quantum href="">computing)

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