Hoedown Throwdown

It's been a frustrating and annoying week here at Chateau Steelypips, so I was probably in the perfect mood for Mike Hoye's subway busker story:

After a relatively crappy day, I got off the subway, and there's a couple of buskers playing a fiddle and a banjo at the station. And they're really going at it, playing the hell out of those things, and I can't figure out why 'til I get up close. The answer turns out to be that a couple of local b-boys have decided that it's time to throw down, to the tune of these guys playing some good old-time country fiddlin' and pickin'.

And man, did that cheer me up.

He's got video, and he's right. It's weirdly cheering. It's no where the hell is Matt, but it's got a little of the same vibe. Sometimes, people don't suck all that much.

Go check it out.

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