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"It is difficult to think of a (sane) reason why grant funds cannot be spent on the materials and activities for which they are intended."

Management is about process not product. If your grant funding supports growing fungus in HeLa cell cultures and you therein discover a generic cure for cancer, you must reapply for revised grant funding or risk being charged with criminal embezzlement of laboratory funding ("negligent discovery").

"When SteelyKid finally gets to be mobile, we are in trouble..."
For us, baby care so far (ours is 1.5 yr) has gotten monotonically easier with age. Movement doesn't only mean that SteelyKid can get into trouble, it also means she can entertain herself attempting to get across the room for toys or other trouble-free things. Perhaps you have to be more vigilant, but you should also get longer periods of semi-rest while watching her.

Feministe » A Story in Pictures
See if you can spot the difference.

My God! In the second picture, the President is black!

Oh, and there are some women in the picture, too.

By Daryl McCullough (not verified) on 03 Feb 2009 #permalink