Science on the Tree 2010: Literature

Continuing our series of science-themed Christmas tree ornaments, we have this cute pair of reading bears:


"But wait," you say, "reading isn't a science!" Ah, but while reading itself may not be a science, science is nothing without the scientific literature. The really essential step in the process of science is the communication of scientific results to others. That's what allows future scientists to "stand on the shoulders of giants," to borrow a phrase from Newton, using past results as the basis for future experiments. Reading the results of others is absolutely essential to science.

And the scientific literature isn't confined to just professional peer-reviewed technical journals. There's a whole Internet full of science reading if you're interested. And if you prefer your reading in paper or e-book form, I have a suggestion, and Physics World has more.

So, read to your kids, and get them interested in reading, because it's an essential part of the toolkit of science.

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Reading comprehension is the most fundamental tool that has to be mastered by everybody. What seems to sound easy can turn out to be very complicated. The survey conducted among students reveals that most of the students lack in reading comprehension skills. Are the parents to be blamed for that? Or the teachers? Children read less and less which is an unbeatable fact. How to prevent our children from ceasing in its efforts and in reading?

i just got your book for christmas im up to quantum entanglement. i love it when emmy come out with a completely bizzar comment and if i dont understand the first time i always find myself understanding it when you have the dialouge section with emmy. an excallent book i'm only 15 and you managed to teach me things my physics teachers coundn't do in a year.

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