Transitional Technical Difficulties

As mentioned previously, the crack technical team at ScienceBlogs HQ is working on shifting us from our creaky Movable Type system to a shiny new WordPress system. Part of that process involves moving all the old posts over, which has been done... sort of. At present, any post since April 18 has not been moved, and will need to be shifted by me, by hand. Worse yet, the comments to posts between April 18 and whenever the switch finally happens are currently going to be lost forever.

This is, obviously, highly sub-optimal, and efforts are being made to find a better solution. Until and unless some way is found to move the comments along with the posts, I don't think there's much sense in posting anything new and having people comment on it. Which works out well in one sense, as I have a lot of other things I ought to spend time working on, so freeing up the time I usually spend blogging (less whatever it will take to move the old posts over) will be a good thing. (And we're heading out of town for the weekend, anyway, so the timing's good in that sense...)

I may still post the occasional Links Dump entry, because those tend not to generate much comment, anyway. And I may or may not continue working on the Ten Years Before the Blog series-- right at the moment, it looks like the transition may break all inbound links to ScienceBlogs, in which case it doesn't make any sense to generate new posts with 50-odd links in them. I'm fairly certain that particular problem will be fixed, but until I know that it will work out, I'm not posting anything.

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