Links for 2012-09-05

  • Confessions of a Community College Dean: Kermit

    How Kermit the Frog is the perfect model for an academic administrator.

  • Chester A. Arthur: Sasquatch Trainer : Filmmaking Frenzy: Commander-in-Chief

    From the people who brought you "Rutherford B. Hayes, Urban Vigilante," a movie about the only Union alumnus (so far) to be US President.

  • In a Mass Knife Fight to the Death Between Every American President, Who Would Win and Why? « Face in the Blue

    One of my most-visited sites on the web is, and one of my favourite subreddits is HistoricalWhatIf, an online community that debates historical hypotheticals. Earlier today someone asked the question, In a mass knife fight to the death between every American President, who would win and why? Someone beat me to the obvious answer that a final showdown would see Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt doing a dagger-wielding version of a Mexican standoff, so I took it too far and walked through how I thought every president would turn out. An hour later the result greatly exceeded the maximum 10,000 character limit for a post, so I’ve decided to blog about it instead.

  • ScienceDebate 2012 | Science Debate 2012

    Barack Obama and Mitt Romney answer the top science policy questions picked by the ScienceDebate panel of experts.

  • Ducks Cross Busy Highway - Daily of the Day

    Make way for ducklings, eh.

  • Late again? The physics of being tardy to class | Quantized

    “Tardy again? Why can’t you ever get to class on time?” Does this reprimand sound familiar to you? I heard it so many times that I decided to make it a research question: “Why can’t I get to class on time?” I began this research effort by asking a friend to video my journey from one class, to my locker, and then to the next class. We put post-it notes on the lockers so that we could keep track of the distance travelled. The post-it notes appear on every five lockers. Here is an excerpt of the video showing my travel to my locker. In this excerpt, I only make it past 23 lockers. Imagine what I encounter when I pass the approximately 100 lockers between any two classes:

  • Lance Mannion: Shake every hand, kiss every baby

    He clearly doesn't know instinctively what to do when he has to deal with voters one to one. He's awkward and uncomfortable and prone to gaffes. I don't mean what the press corps would prefer to call gaffes, all his deliberate and calculated lies. I mean what happens when his apparently instinctive goofiness gets the better of him. He says and does stupid things, like forgetting to thank the owners of a diner he's taken over and trashed for a photo op. In another mood, in another post, making a different point I'd probably say this is a sign that he's an arrogant elitist who can't be bothered to muster up ordinary sympathy for the Help. And maybe it is or it's part of it. But I don't know that it is or how much of it it is. I am, however, pretty sure that much of it is simply lack of practice. Campaigning for the Senate and then for Governor, Mitt didn't have to shake as many hands, kiss as many babies, or ring as many doorbells as George McGovern had to in just his first campaign.


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"There is an energy with stop-motion that you can’t even describe.  It’s got to do with giving things life...  to give life to something that doesn’t have it is cool, and even more so in three dimensions, because, at least for me, it feels even more real." -Tim Burton Of course we always like to…
I don't know what it is, but there's clearly something about the G8 conference that interferes with George Bush's ability to restrain his inner frat brat. At the G8 two years ago, you might recall, the Commander-in-Chief grabbed international headlines when he gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel…
Orin Kerr has an interesting post at Volokh about changes in the law after 9/11. While I think he downplays the significance of some of the legal changes in the Patriot Act (while others vastly overplay them), I think he's right that the key legal question at this point concerns the Bush…