Physics Hangout in Need of Better Title

What with the umpteen zillion articles declaring the Death of the Blog, I've been toying with the idea of doing something podcast-ish for a while. Rhett Allain from Dot Physics was game, too, and suggested using Google+ to do a video hangout, so here we are talking about our classes this term:

The video quality is kind of crap on my end, which is a recurring problem here when we Skype with the grandparents. I probably should've closed more programs and tabs, but I'm an idiot. Also, I fidget a lot. But this is meant to be fairly casual, and I really do talk with my hands like that.

Anyway, that's a tentative experiment in expanding our respective social media empires into a new venue. We probably should've done something more dynamic and splashy for the debut, but we're still testing out the technology, and don't want to break everything at once.

So, any opinions? Worth doing more of? Suggestions of stuff we ought to talk about? Ideas for a title for this if we were to do it regularly (I suck at titles-- "Uncertain Dot" is about the best I've got...)?

Edit: I should probably use this space to add links, so here's the Colorado PER group's resource collection that I mentioned in the conversation. Some excellent stuff there.

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Love the hangout, especially as I'll be starting our Intro Physics 2 class with M&I and SBG in two weeks. And I agree that a standard of "Can do math properly" is very helpful.

By Kyle Altmann (not verified) on 21 Jan 2014 #permalink

I'll have to look in on this when I'm not at work. As for titles, maybe?
Schroedinger's Sandbox
The Dog House (the one you teach physics to)
Psi-ence Cast

By Karl Lembke (not verified) on 21 Jan 2014 #permalink