Uncertain Dots 14

Another week, another hangout with Rhett. In which we actually fielded a couple of questions from readers on Twitter, about the reason for inertia and a kind of meta-question. More audience questions would, of course, be welcome.

A couple of links to things that came up:

Mach's Principle, a past attempt to explain the origin of inertia.

Newton's famous refusal to explain gravity, "Hypotheses non fingo." Sir Isaac was second to none in his mastery of snotty condescension.

Veritasium's buoyancy quiz.

Aatish Bhatia's post about a new meta-analysis of "active learning" studies showing that traditional lectures are less effective than active methods.

More like this

I think one must find first the reltions between inertia and "pure" space.

By miguel mouta (not verified) on 15 May 2014 #permalink