What I'm Doing This August: Nordita Workshop for Science Writers

I've been setting up schedules with my summer research students lately, and the main constraint we're facing with that is that I'm going to spend most of August in Europe. Part of this is pure vacation-- Kate and I are going to the UK for a couple of weeks. Part of it is the World Science Fiction Convention in London, in the middle of that trip, where both Kate and I expect to be on programming (though there aren't any set items this far out). And the last bit has just been officially announced: I'm speaking at the Nordita Workshop for Science Writers organized by Sabine Hossenfelder from Backreaction and George Musser. The description:

Quantum physics is a notoriously challenging subject even for the experts. The goal of this workshop is to give science writers the opportunity to take a step back and gain a broader perspective on this field. At the same time, we want to give researchers in the field the possibility to interact with science writers and share experiences about the pitfalls of science communication.

Some of the topics that will be covered at this workshop are: Quantum computing, quantum optics and novel tests of the foundations of quantum mechanics, topologial insulators, tests of emergent quantum mechanics, analog gravity, the gauge-gravity duality and its applications in condensed-matter physics, and searching for new physics in atomic, molecular and optical physics.

I'm extremely flattered to be included with folks like Ray Laflamme and Seth Lloyd, who have forgotten more about deep issues of quantum physics than I was ever able to explain to Emmy. I'm also looking forward to getting to visit an entirely new part of Europe.

The workshop is accepting applications through July 14, so if this sounds cool to you, fill out their application, and maybe I'll see you in Stockholm...

(This also means I'll be at loose ends in the UK for a couple of days, between Kate's heading home and my leaving for Stockholm, so if you're someone who books speakers, etc. in the London-ish area and would like a talk in late August, drop me a line.)


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Looking forward to seeing you - it's been a while!

I know people in the quantum groups at Imperial and UCL, so I'm forwarding this blog post to them in case they want to invite you for a talk.

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