How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, Now With More "Quantum"

If you're making your weekly check of the ebook editions (Kindle, Nook) of my quantum book (I'm not the only one who regularly looks at these, right?), you may have noticed a change: they're no longer sporting the original black cover you'll see in the right sidebar, but a new cover based on the smash hit UK edition. This isn't a database glitch, but a new release, with a new cover and adding the word "Quantum" to the title.

I've made allusions on Twitter a few times to having exciting news I wasn't ready to share-- this is one of those things. The original edition sold reasonably well and very steadily but not spectacularly, while the UK edition has moved huge numbers of copies. They attribute that in part to the cover design, and placement in travel stores. Thus, they're doing a redesign of the packaging, rolling out this new cover first with the ebooks (because that's trivially easy to change) and soon with paper copies.

This is not something that happens on a regular basis in publishing, so it's big and exciting news for me as the author of the book. Obviously, I hope they succeed in getting this picked up by more readers via this redesign, but just the fact that it's doing well enough for them to consider this move is way cool.

And that's one of the exciting secret developments I've been teasing people with. There are others, as well, but those will have to wait a bit yet...

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I expected that to be 'how to teach physics to your sheep'.

By drgsrinivas (not verified) on 02 Sep 2014 #permalink

Congrats, Chad! Glad to see the book getting attention and energy. Eager to hear what's next...