Particle Physics in Western Mass.

That's "Mass" as in Massachusetts, not the stuff associated with the Higgs field... specifically, North Adams, MA, where I'll be this Saturday night, October 25th, at the Secret Science Club screening of Particle Fever. This will be at the MASS MoCA, tickets here.

The Secret Science Club is a regular gathering in New York City featuring mind-bending lectures, volatile experiments, and thematic chemical libations (special cocktails, that is). It’s like the coolest science class you’ve ever been to, but with drinks and a DJ. SSC rockets into MASS MoCA with a special screening of Particle Fever, a “dazzling, dizzying documentary” that follows six high-energy scientists as they seek to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Plus, get your brain on with our audience pop quiz. Door prizes!

This is really convenient, because I never actually got my act together to go see Particle Fever when it was in theaters. So I get to see the movie all my physics friends on social media raved about, and hang out in a cool space. This will also be a nice excuse to go to the newly renovated Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, and generally wax nostalgic about college for a bit...

Anyway, if you're in the cool bits of New England, stop by.

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