Eureka Update: Signing, Reviews

Eureka_sidebar A few smallish items regarding Eureka: Discovering Your Inner Scientist:

-- I'll be doing a signing at the Open Door bookstore in Schenectady next Sunday, the 14th, from 12-1:30. The Open door is one of the kids' favorite spots, as it's right outside the Sunday market we go to every week, so this is fun. Last time I did a signing there, they had a couple of copies for me to sign from people who couldn't make it, so if you'd like a signed copy, you could give them a call, and see what they can do.

(No other bookstore appearances scheduled right at the moment, but if you'd like me to come someplace and sign books and/or talk about stuff, drop me a line...)

-- Eureka is also part of a set of capsule reviews at The Scientist, along with Bill "The Science Guy" Nye's new book. I'm a little too old to have been in his core demographic, but he's done huge things for science communication, so sharing review-column space with him is pretty cool.

-- I got a very nice first Amazon review from scientist and writer Paul Halpern. (No, I'm not obsessively checking for those; he tweeted about it, and I saw that.) I always like good reviews from other writers, who know exactly how much work goes into this kind of thing; if anybody has room to be critical, it's them.

(I dimly remember somebody claiming recently that Good Things happen at some threshold number of Amazon reviews; this could be authorial superstition only, but if you have a copy and would like to leave a review, it can't hurt anything...)

There are some other cool things in the works, but I don't have firm dates for them yet. More information as it becomes available.

I should also probably apologize in advance for the giant blizzard of book promotion that's going to be all over the blog for the next few weeks. Then again, this is the third time around this particular game, so you all probably had some idea this was coming...

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