Eureka: Discovering Your Inner Scientist: Release Day!

Today is the official release date for Eureka: Discovering Your Inner Scientist, so of course there are a bunch of exciting things happening:

-- There's a short excerpt at the Science of Us blog from New York Magazine. This is a chunk of the Introduction, about how scientists are smart, but not that smart.

-- I wrote a Big Idea essay at Whatever, talking about how this book is about the BIGGEST idea in the history of humanity. Which is only a tiny bit of hyperbole.

-- Rosemary Kirstein included Eureka as a gift suggestion, which is very cool, as she writes awesome books. You should check them out.

-- Union's director of communications wrote a nice news piece on the book (full disclosure: I play basketball with him regularly...).

-- A review from Rhett at Dot Physics.

Also, I will be on Think tomorrow afternoon (well, noon Central time, 1pm Eastern) talking about the book. And I'll be signing books Sunday from 12-1:30 at The Open Door in Schenectady. Other fun stuff is in the works, and details will be posted when available.

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