Upcoming Talks: New Paltz Tonight, Nashville Next Week

I keep forgetting to mention these, but I have two talks coming up:

1) Tonight, March 17, I'm talking about Eureka to the Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association on the campus of SUNY New Paltz. This is a version of the talk I gave in Bristol, UK over the summer, but with the soccer content replaced with American football.

2) Next Thursday, March 26, I'll be giving a Forman Lecture as part of the Vanderbilt University Physics Colloquium (following in Rhett's footsteps...). This is going to be a revised version of the social-media talk I've given in the past. I need to blow that up and put it back together, though, because it's gotten a little stale. Also, I need to send them a title and abstract.

So, if you happen to be in the Hudson valley tonight, or Tennessee next week, and want to hear me talk science, stop on by.

(Also, this is it for today's blogging, as I need to do a bunch of talk prep...)

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