017/366: Guessing Game

SteelyKid's elementary school had their annual open house tonight, and they tried something different with it this year. Rather than having prepared presentations in the classrooms, they had the kids lead a "tour" for their parents-- she got a map and a "bingo" card, and then led us to her classroom, the cafeteria, the library, and various other spots to say hi to the various teachers. It was very cute, though maybe not all that informative.

Her second-grade class did a thing where each kid colored an owl and wrote three clues on it. The whole collection of owls were left out on a table, and parents were asked to guess which one belonged to their kid. So, of course, I'm using SteelyKid's owl for the photo-a-day:

SteelyKid's clues for the "guess which kid wrote this" owl at her school's open house. SteelyKid's clues for the "guess which kid wrote this" owl at her school's open house.

Her clues, in case you can't read them:

1) I am an tomboy and I like sports.
2) My dog's name starts with an 'E'.
3) I have a 3 year old bro.

Even though I don't think I've heard her use to word "tomboy" before, this wasn't exactly difficult to figure out. Sure was cute, though.

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