022/366: My "Office"

Over the last few years, I've developed a routine of working at Starbucks in the early morning, between the bus picking SteelyKid up (at 7:30-ish, ugh) and when I need to be on campus. Now that I'm on sabbatical and don't need to go to campus every day, I'm still going to Starbucks, just extending that a little later.

So it only makes sense to include a shot of my "office" at Starbucks in this photo-a-day series:

My usual spot in the Niskayuna Starbucks. My usual spot in the Niskayuna Starbucks.

This is at one corner of the bar; the canisters behind the laptop are beans for the clover machine, out of frame to the right. This was shot with the new 24mm pancake lens, leaning back in my chair a bit, which confirms to me that this is a pretty reasonable lens for much of what I do with the camera.

I stake this spot out pretty much every morning. On the rare occasions when someone beats me to it, the staff make jokes about it. But, hey, it's been a very productive routine for me.


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