Who Are You People? Now With SCIENCE!

It's been a while since I did it, but on a few occasions in the past, I've done posts here titled "Who Are You People?" asking readers to comment and say something about themselves. This is not remotely scientific, as a survey of blog readership, though.

Happily, an actual scientist is stepping up for this: Dr. Paige Jarreau, known to Twitter as FromTheLabBench and author of a blog by that name is a postdoc at LSU studying science communication, with a focus on social media. She's put together a reader survey and recruited a bunch of bloggers to promote it, including yours truly.

The survey is here, and having gone through a preview version, I can confirm that it's not overly burdensome to complete. At the risk of promoting excessive consumerism, there are a number of cool incentives for completion in the form of gift certificates, T-shirts, and art, so, you know, there's that. Mostly, though, this is important as SCIENCE!, helping to understand who reads science blogs, why they read them, and how they got there in the first place.

So, go do the survey. Please. For SCIENCE!

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Tried to do the survey, but it wouldn’t let me past the first question. (Actually the second question. I could put my name in.)

I don't know; it worked for me when I checked it just now. At least, I got past the second page of questions...

I tried the captcha 10 times, couldn't make it past. Perhaps I'm not really human until I've had some coffee.

By Ryan Gerber (not verified) on 19 Oct 2015 #permalink

Worked fine for me

By Bargearse (not verified) on 19 Oct 2015 #permalink

Went there from here. Survey asked me to click on the name of the blog whence I came and Uncertain Principles was not listed!