057/366: Last Practice

I did take some DSLR photos today, but the photo of the day is a cell-phone shot from the final soccer practice of the fall for SteelyKid's second-grade team.

The last rec soccer practice for the fall 2015 season. The last rec soccer practice for the fall 2015 season.

SteelyKid is not, in fact, in this photo; she had a belt test for the Elite Team at her taekwondo school tonight, so she was off getting dinner before some hard-core sparring. I was at practice because I signed up to assistant coach this year-- I was going to end up going to the practices anyway, and figured I might as well help out. It's been fun, and definitely increases my respect for the teachers who manage to keep these kids under control for the entire day...

Anyway, it was a nice fall evening, as you can see, and the kids were exceptionally hyper. Then I ran home, showered, and rushed off to taekwondo just in time to catch SteelyKid's sparring match. And the rather chaotic melee round that followed, which was a new one. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've seen a bunch of pre-teens try to recreate a Jackie Chan movie...


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