058/366: Rosy-Fingered

I totally spaced on posting this yesterday, because I ended up having to take SteelyKid to the doctor, which blew a gigantic hole in my day. (She's fine.) But this is a shot of sunrise yesterday morning:

Sunrise on October 28. Sunrise on October 28.

This was a very strange sunrise because this is pretty much the only light in the sky we saw all day. Those bits that look sort of blue-ish around the pink clouds aren't clear sky, they're more clouds. Ten minutes after this was taken, the entire sky was unrelieved grey, and stayed that way all day. Ten minutes before this was taken, there wasn't really any hint of an approaching sunrise.

But for a brief, glorious moment, the eastern sky was all lit up with cool sunrise colors. I'm really not sure how or why that happened. Maybe some kind of Pelennor Fields situation just to our east, with dawn taking Evil by surprise, then being snuffed out? I would've thought that would make the news, though...

Anyway, it looked cool, so I took a picture. Here it is.


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