Physics Blogging Round-Up: Gravity, Pigeonholes, Groundhogs, and Weirdness

A long-ish stretch of time, but I was basically offline for a bunch of that because I needed to finish a chapter I was asked to contribute to an academic book. So there are only four physics posts from Forbes to promote this time:

-- 'The Expanse' Is A Rare Sci-Fi Show That Gets Simulated Gravity Right: Another post on the SyFy adaptation of "James S. A. Corey"'s books, talking about a nifty bit of visual effects that nods at the Coriolis force you'd see on a rotating space station.

-- What Is The Quantum Pigeonhole Principle And Why Is It Weird?: A paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences got some press with claims that you can put three quantum particles in two boxes without having any two particles together. Digging into it more, it's both less and more weird than that description.

-- Groundhog Day Physics: Four Stories You Hear Over And Over Again: In honor of our dippiest public holiday and a great Bill Murray movie, some physics stories that repeat regularly enough that you might be forgiven for thinking you were stuck in a time loop.

-- How Do You Deal With Quantum Weirdness?: An attempt to explain the two major groupings of interpretations of quantum physics.

I've got a bunch of travel coming up (about which more soonish), so blogging will remain a little sporadic, but hopefully not as comprehensively silent as I was for the last week or two of January.

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