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In honor of the 100th anniversary of the FDA, the Scientist has a look at its long-term prospects in light of recent scandals.

Best Buy has decided to go to totally flexible scheduling. I feel like business came to the party late on this one. Science had had flex-scheduling forever, and we are doing just fine. All it requires is a little trust and not caring when people get their work done, just that they get it done.

The NYTimes has a interesting article on the diminishing number of cases taken by the Supreme Court and speculation as to why that might be.

Daniel Drezner looks at the likelihood that libertarians will permanently jump ship on the Republicans and go Democratic.

Shelley has the grossest post in the history of Scienceblogs. It shall henceforth be referred to as THE Sperm Cube post.

Scienceblogs welcomes yet another neuroscience blogger, Neurontic. Muhahaha! The neuroscientists will totally rule in the intra-blog kickball match.

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I have studiously avoided picking a Democratic candidate to support. I will not have to decide until Super Tuesday, when Minnesotans caucus to support one or another candidate. I like Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons, including the simple fact that she has considerable experience in the…
The following article is a guest post by H. E. Taylor, who you might recognize as the one who graciously provides us with the weekly GW news roundups. Enjoy! Prospects for Change in Canadian Climate Policy In short, the prospects are bleak and are likely to be driven from the United States. Let me…

The flex hours require that you have very defined job tasks to be accomplished. I doubt it will work well for all jobs. Many jobs don't have deadlines and are just a steady stream of work. Flex hours could easily allow people to kick the can down the road on much of what they would otherwise accomplish in a 9-5 work day.