Elsewhere on the Interweb (7/22/08)

We were discussing game theory and the Dark Knight. Mike at The Quantitative Peace has an excellent post that discusses all the possible iterations:

I think this calls for a new villian in the third movie of the trilogy: The Game Theorist. Much like the riddler, but deadlier and requiring Batman to use mathematics to fight crime.

Encephalon is up at Sharp Brains. My personal favorite: therapy applications of Dungeons and Dragons.

Mercifully, a gas tax holiday is dead in the water -- in this case due to fears of lost jobs due to the diversion of money from the Highway fund.

An 81 year-old man in Britain earned his PhD from Cambridge after an 18 year project. Better late than never.

Read the whole thing.

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Ben at The World's Fair asks what kind of scientist Batman is. (Of course, he does this after producing something like reliable testimony that Batman is a scientist to begin with.) Sandra Porter makes the case that he's a geneticist, but I'm not buying it. There'd be more fruit flies in the Bat…
Encephalon #46 is up at the Neurocritic. My favorite: if you haven't read Chris's post how on hyperbolic discounting reflects distorted time perception, you need to. It is genius.
Encephalon, the biweekly collection of the best psychology and neuroscience posts on the web, is now available at Neuroanthropology. In addition to great science, there's a collection of clips from a classic movie about Italian food, "Big Night." Here's my favorite:
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Thanks! Derek Colanduno of Skepticality podcast was of great help when discussing how the game contributed to his rehab after a stroke. I wonder if he'd make a good new villian for the Batman series? I think his little pugdog would have to feature in some way though... ;)