Massive Calculation & Real-Time Feedback


Below, Skylar Tibbits answers the second of our three questions.

Cross-disciplinary opportunities lie at the intersection of opposing scales, and applications. On the micro scale, computational designers provide means for massive calculation, insightful and imaginative possibilities with massively parallel speeds and an urge for visualizing large datasets with multivariable problems. On the macro scale, foreign policy and political design making may provide a means to massive datasets, multivariable problems with global applications for real-time feedback and insightful decision making. The possibilities for cross-platform communication between social issues, climate, financial, and other large-scale problems are emerging with computational power and designers' visualization possibilities. The scale and applications that could be produced from foreign policy meets live-feed computational designer are now more exciting and powerful. Applications could include urban planning, infrastructural decisions, political and social problem solving, climate and environmental analysis and many others. Rapid advancements in visualization and evolved decision making through computational design provide an exciting opportunity to blend with existing policy-making bureaucracies.

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