Trust and Critical Thinking: Zvan, Myers, Schell, Sanford and Laden

Several blog posts posts were written (by me or Stephanie Zvan) explicitly in preparation for Science Online 2010 Session C, Trust and Critical Thinking organized by Stephanie Zvan and including PZ Myers, Desiree Schell, Greg Laden, and Kirsten Sanford

The most recent post, just put up, is this one:

Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Your Precious Bodily Fluids?

For many topics of interest to the average person, there seem to be two utterly different and diametrically opposed worlds of information. These worlds are so different that one might be called "Normal World" and the other might be called "Bizarro World."...

Earlier, these items were also posted:

Are you a real skeptic? I doubt it.

Credulity, Skepticism and Cynicism

Empowering the individual does not equal ensmartening the individual

Trust and Critical Thinking in Science Reporting: A Case Study

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